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In the era of internet, we have gotten used to enjoy of innumerable resources without owing to pay it, but with the possibility to send a contribution to the legitimate owner, often the direct producer. Almost all the computer resources that I use for my activity of writing and publication, are available free in Internet and when I have some small money I send them. For many years however, I have enjoyed it without hesitations of sort, since my economic circumstances were precarious! I don't do therefore anything new, only "I copy" an operational method suggested us by the era internet, where what could be useful for you, it is available to everybody without ties of availability of money.

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Le colpe degli esegeti nell’anticristianesimo e nell’antisemitismo. Dagli eventi in Galilea al nichilismo, sino ai cattivi maestri della nostra era. Una disquisizione sugli ambiziosi di sostituirsi al Cristo! I pochi pregi e i tanti difetti delle culture sacerdotali, che a differenza degli altri settori introspettivi, rifiutano una regolamentazione etica e di congruenza civica. Un viaggio nel tempo, per meglio comprendere il nostro presente!

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